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Software Project Manager

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Software Project ManagerWelcome to Software Project Manager!

A massive archive of information for the Software Project Manager and Software Development Professional on the topic of Software Projects.


Find Inside Software Project Estimating Software, Free Software Project Management eBook, Recommended Books for Software Project Managers, Discussion Forums, Project Chat/Virtual Conference Rooms, Technical News, Software Project Articles, White Papers, Professional Project Management Qualification Advice, Project Management Training Documentation, Tips & Techniques, Project Cartoons, Prince 2 test papers, PMP, Many Free Project Templates and Much More!

True Software Estimate 1.0

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True Software Estimate provides powerful parametric software project estimating capability to your organisation. Use tried and tested industry calibration to get the best estimates for your software projects. Refine these estimates with you own historical information.




True Software Estimate 1.0

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Free Software Project Templates

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Don't pay hundreds of pounds for a collection or software project management templates!

If you do understand the how, why and when of software project management, then they can be created relatively easily for yourself. But to save time and also to encompass 'best practice' thoughts of other Project Managers, please feel free to use these FREE templates - tailor them as you see fit.



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Free Prince 2 Templates

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These Prince 2 templates reflect the steps set out in the PRINCE 2 Method and are designed to prompt the Project Manager and help in the creation of the Prince 2 products. Further details are found in the PRINCE2 Manual and in the Product Descriptions for the template (product) in Appendix A (of the PRINCE2 Manual).



Alphabetical listing:

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Free Software Project Management Book

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Download Free Software Project Management eBookThis software project management book distills the experience that has been learnt across decades of active software project management into the basics that will give a good grounding for project success, independent of any methodology, software tool-set or life cycle.


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